Wedding Cars Direct, specialising in vintage and modern wedding car hire and limousine hire.


From Rolls Royce to Bentleys, Vintage Sedans and Princess Limousines, English white, two tone silver, gold and champagne, modern Chrysler 300c’s, super stretch jet door and stretch, wedding car hire for all types of weddings and all budgets.

Wedding Cars Direct wedding car hire fleet, all ex-royal cars, consist of:

  • Vintage Convertible (white)
  • Vintage Sedans (white)
  • Princess Limousines (white)
  • Bentley MK 6 (white)
  • Rolls Royce Silver Dawn (two tone silver)
  • Bentley R Type (two tone silver)
  • Princess Limousine (two tone silver)
  • Bentley MK 6 (gold and champagne)
  • Chrysler 300c super stretch jet door (white)
  • Chrysler 300c stretch (white)

Wedding Car Hire, Wedding Car Hire Sydney, we at Wedding Cars Direct specialise in all modern, vintage and classic wedding cars.

"Maddie", Rolls Royce Silver Dawn 4 seater

“Maddie”, Rolls Royce Silver Dawn 4 seater



“Diana”, Bentley R Type 4 seater







“Elizabeth”, Princess Limousine 8 seater


"Juliet", Bentley MK 6 4 seater

“Juliet”, Bentley MK6 4 seater





"Rose", Bentley MK6 4 seater

“Rose”, Bentley MK6 4 seater

"Daisy", Vintage Sedan 3 seater

“Daisy”, Vintage Sedan 3 seater


“Ella”, vintage convertible 3 seater

“Dolly”, Vintage Sedan 3 Seater



"Eva", Vintage Sedan 3 seater

“Eva”, Vintage Sedan 3 seater



"Lucy", 8 seater princess limousine

“Lucy”, 8 seater princess limousine


“Lily”, 8 seater princess limousine

"Cinderella", 12 seater super stretch jet door

“Cinderella”, 12 seater Chrysler 300c super stretch jet door


"Snow White", 10 seater Chrysler 300c

“Snow White”, 10 seater Chrysler 300c



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